Examining the user experience of mental health chatbot applications to manage anxiety in dental patients.

Project type
Research paper
3 months
Methodology and tools
Literature review, quantitative survey, high–fidelity prototyping


With remote dental consultation becoming more common, the duty of managing anxiety in patients gradually shifts into the digital sphere as well. One of the most effective ways of treating anxiety in the digital world is provided by conversational chatbots.

In this research paper, I examine wellness chatbots' capacity for influencing the patient’s attitude to dentist appointments, and outline the specific functions will be helpful in managing anxiety. A literature review is conducted to examine the use of chatbots in improving mental health and reducing fear, a survey is facilitated to test the user experience and effectiveness of two popular chatbots — Wysa and Woebot.

The results are used to inform the design of an intelligent dental bot — “Denty”. The bot is equipped with the functionality of walking the user through the upcoming procedures in detail. Denty will be able to address the initial concerns of its user, recognising the most prominent triggers of anxiety — fear of pain, unfamiliar procedures, unknown final cost.

Keywords: HCI, UXD, Conversational Design, Chatbots, Anxiety Management.