Inspector Pickle

Problem area

What to do when your brain craves junk food?

tl;dr: I built a groceries list (POC) that replaces (some) junk food with healthy analogues. Automatically. In browser. With React.

Solution area

I just love designing weird products, and this time I decided to actually build one. It's pretty basic, but it adds emojis to some products automatically (like apples, oranges, broccoli), replaces pizza and soda with falafel and fresh juice (it thinks beer is healthy though, but I can't blame it), and features a cool looking mascot, Inspector Pickle.

The product base is currently quite small, but I'll keep adding some more things, hoping following this groceries list will finally make me eat healthy 🥦.

Try it yourself

Inspector Pickle

Add items to your groceries list. Unhealthy food is autimatically replaced with healthy alternatives.

🍏 Apples 🗑
🍊 Oranges 🗑

Tip: try "sausage" or "chips" to see it in action.

ice cream

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